- Dec 9, 2012
Human mortality is an inevitably that humans wrestle with everyday, but that hasn't stopped people from creating morbid innovations that attempt to soften, add humor and fun-filled creativity to the afterlife.

In this collection of morbid innovations, viewers can see the garish, the sad, the fun, and the downright freaky. From green-friendly, biodegradable coffins to iPhone designed caskets, these morbid innovations capture many of the unusual things people and companies have created to mask or lighten the very real fear of death.

Also collected in this list of morbid innovations is dark artwork, paintings and illustrations featuring skulls, cemeteries, and other objects that are the sole province of the macabre.

My favorite piece in this morbid innovations list features a controversial casket calendar. It features a series of gorgeous women posing in various states of undress near (or in) caskets. Avoidance through sexuality has never looked better.

Morbid Innovations From iPhone Case Caskets to $25,000 Coffins: