Wonderbra Ad With Funeral Ad in Lieu of Underwear

 - Nov 18, 2007
References: adverblog
I’m not going to lie, I really don’t understand the latest Wonderbra campaign. Not even a little. But perhaps that’s the point. I watched it four times, and likely, I’m not the only one wondering where the underwear comes into play.

The ad feature a funeral casket and solumn music… and that’s it until the last few seconds when the word "Wonderbra" appears on the screen.

I did a little reading to see what other people’s takes were on the ad, and one person said, quite matter-of-factly that the casket didn’t close because of her bra. Ohh. I watched it again, and sure enough, the last portion of the casket is open a crack.

Regardless of the intention, the ad is clever because it gets people like me to watch it over, and over.