You Don't Have to Be a Hells Angels Leader to Go in Style

 - Sep 17, 2008
This week, the big obituary was the slain Hells Angels leader, whose funeral witnessed the presence of 2,000 bikers. Your funeral might not have the same entourage as Mark "Papa" Guardado (yes, the Hells Angels guy), but maybe we can find some more innovative ways for you to say good bye.

With so many innovative possibilities for your transition to the after life, it's difficult to tell, and hopefully, it's a choice you can wait to make.

This cluster takes a look at some of the most fascinating coffins and quirky funeral ideas featured on Trend Hunter, proving that even on our way out, there's plenty of room to innovate...

Hopefully you'll end up realizing you don't have to be a Hells Angel's leader to go out in style.