Beer Can Coffin

 - May 6, 2008
The Beer Can Coffin is the ultimate way to honor a thorough-bred red neck. If if you know someone proud of their hickish ways, you know they wouldn't get fulfillment from a traditional burial in the afterlife anyway.

This coffin was designed for Bill Bramanti of Illinois who happens to be a major Pabst Blue Ribbon connoisseur. He loves the beer brand so much, he had this coffin created to resemble a can of it.

"At 5-feet-9 inches tall, this beer can coffin weighs a cool 280 pounds," BornRich says. "The silver coffin is designed with red, white and blue, just like a Pabst can. The beer lover might have his own plans to depart in this coffin, but for now, he is using this giant beer can coffin a s a cooler and he has already thrown a party for his friends, featuring his coffin filled with ice and yes, the Pabst Blue Ribbon."

Any real red neck would die for one of these...