From Booze-Bearing Skateboards to Picasso-Inspired Ale Art

 - Aug 3, 2012
Pabst Blue Ribbon, affectionately known as ‘PBR,’ is a beer that’s been consistently popular, and has cultural ties to particular groups in today’s society.

Affordable and dependable, this brew is well-loved for good reason, and is often the choice of those buying kegs of beer. Having gone through somewhat of a recent revival with a counter-culture endorsement, PBR has only become more and more successful over time. The can design in and of itself is quite iconic, and features the blue ribbon mentioned in the name of the brew. A huge inspiration of crowd-sourced art, the look of the lager has become a cultural symbol of its own, and has been reproduced time and time again.

Sure to continue in its reign over the beer world, PBR is here to stay, and will likely maintain its authenticity for years to come.