Hipster Harry Potter Teaches You How to Avoid Mainstream Culture

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: rotae.deviantart & bitrebels
I think by the time the third movie came out, Harry and friends got fed up with being mainstream, which may explain their newfound attitude in Rotae’s hilarious Hipster Harry Potter portraits.

The kids from J.K. Rowling’s famed franchise have never looked less enthused than in the brilliantly drawn Hipster Harry Potter illustrations. DeviantArt artist Rotae has depicted the wizards in a pretentious manner that makes you realize that perhaps Hogwarts is a snobby place after all. Each of the portraits portrays several characters looking uninterested, hip and indie with funny comments beneath that reflect their new attitude. After viewing this, don’t be surprised to hear that Hermione has gone vegan, Harry has now grown a handlebar mustache to go with his glasses, and that Ron casually enjoys drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer while listening to an awesome band -- that you’ve probably never heard of.