- Mar 22, 2013
Those who were kids in the 90s are finally gaining some buying power, prompting companies to create remixes of retro products to satisfy the thirst for nostalgia. These range from fashion finds to gadget additions and ironically, they're all based in making products you have more like products you had -- so much for progress.

Regardless of what you were like in the 90s -- grungy Cobain wannabe? Miniature Hilary Banks? Next aspiring Run DMC? -- there's something out there for you. You can even slap a special case on your iPhone to make it seem as though you're talking on a massive brick phone a la Zack Morris. Ultimately, keeping the 90s alive is less about reverting back to old behavior and more about adding things to your current life to remind yourself (and others) of your roots.

From Fresh Prince Fashion to Clueless-Quotes Candles: