MIE Films’ Jammed Pays Tribute to Audio Tapes in an Adorable

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: ufunk.net
Vinyl records, mini disc players, CDs—these are all items that are slowly fading away as the wave of new technology rides into the world, which is why MIE films is paying tribute to one of the classic music staples of the 90s, audio cassettes with their short film 'Jammed.'

Set in a chaotic world of unspooled tape where the never-ending strips have become crinkled up monsters and towering trees, the protagonist, the View Master—another classic 90s toy—discovers a tiny adorable audio cassette that seems lost and confused. Upon meeting this little fellow, the View Master picks him up and inserts it into his chest, which is also a cassette player and discovers the root of the chaos in the world. This video not only pays homage to the slightly frustrating old technology but also evokes a nostalgic feeling as well.