- Mar 14, 2014
These bizarre pillows are meant to offer personality and character to any room they are put in, especially for World Sleep Day. An interesting pillow can make a huge difference in decor and everyone has their own personal taste. For World Sleep Day you should be able to cuddle up with your favorite pillow and take a well deserved nap. You've been working so hard.

On average, we should be getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep -- double that on World Sleep Day. I highly doubt most of us take that much time out of our day to be rested, but on a day like today, it should be our main concern. World Sleep Day is about educating people on how much they should be sleeping versus how much sleep they actually get. Although we have a many apps to help us adjust to our daily routine it is still important that we keep ourselves refreshed, so for this World Sleep Day I propose we all grab a bizarre pillow and celebrate.

This World Sleep Day you Can Choose a Festive Pillow: