Girlfriend Body Pillow With Lumpy Bits is for the Incredibly Lonely

 - Jun 19, 2010
References: deluxecomfort & gizmodo
Lumpy, bumpy, pink and felted, the Girlfriend Body Pillow is, at the least, fuel for conversation. The partial torso has one arm to lay on and two pop-outs to simulate the female chest.

The Girlfriend Body Pillow was reportedly being sold by Sears for $10, but seems to have either sold out or been taken off the market. Not to worry, it's still available at Deluxe Comfort where the pillow is described as 'recreating the contour of your loved one.' If this is the case, perhaps it is time for your loved one to seek medical help.

And as a Gizmodo reader asked, "Why is it wearing a latex glove?"