Bluetooth Pillow Phone

 - Mar 25, 2007
References: gadgets4fun
There is probably no other technology that has seen so many advancements and new product designs than the telephone. Whether it be a landline or cell phone, a telephone is the "little magic box" that keeps us all connected to the world, to the point of obsession. I myself have never really liked the telephone. Why? Because of it's highly-invasive and enslaving nature. There is no other device on the planet that makes humans stop whatever they are doing and attend to it. The telephone has the whole world enthralled with it's power. You can be in the hospital dying but if the phone rings you answer it. In the middle of a knock-down-drag-out-fight with your spouse? if the phone rings you answer it. At the movies? if the phone rings you answer it. In church? if the phone rings you answer it. See what I mean? Now there's a hands-free bluetooth pillow to completely invade your private life and keep you connected to the outside world. Gettin' jiggy with the wife? if the phone rings you WILL answer it.