From Pillow Remotes to Catographic Cushions

 - Nov 17, 2011
Bed head isn't the only thing to be had from all of these multifunctional pillow pieces. The pillow on its own is useful for going to sleep, but that's about it. The pillow featured here are designed to take you beyond dreamland.

Many of these pillows are tech-savvy, functioning as everything from wireless speakers to universal remotes. Others are delightfully low-tech and serve as nightlights or notepads. While I am a huge fan of the Post-it pillow, I am more excited about the future prospects of techtastic pillows. It's not as crazy as it once was to imagine an entire bed spread wired into a home entertainment center. That may sound crazy, but it seems a lot more logical after you have seen all of these awesome multifunctional pillow pieces.