The Luminube Emits a Soft Glow for Reading or Waking

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: & yankodesign
Forget about traditional night lights that clip onto books or plug into walls, the Luminube not only provides light to read, write or simply stare up at the wall contemplatively in, its soft glow also offers a calm ambiance that is often lacking from other lamps. The Luminube is basically a simple pillow case with LEDs embedded right into it.

Designed by Takanori Matsukobo, the Luminube is even more than a light and pillow case; it also conveniently acts as an alarm. The user's smartphone connects with its easily to set a timer. When that timer goes off, the Luminube is turned on, waking the sleeper with that peacefully soft light, easing them out of sleep rather than jolting them awake.