These Boombox Pillows are Funky and Old-School

 - Apr 21, 2012
References: & hiconsumption
The 80s and 90s were a golden age of now oversized but still hip consumer electronics and these boombox pillows pay sincere homage to that era.

Everybody needs a place to lay their head but not all pillows are made alike. If you are the kind of person that remembers parachute pants and (now astoundingly corny but once edgy) old school hip hop fondly, then these bedtime accessories are for you.

The set of three is cleverly designed so that each piece forms an essential component of the boombox they collectively depict. Two pillows portray the speakers of the retro stereo, while another pillow serves as the cassette player and radio tuner.

Unfortunately, the boombox pillows do not play music. Instead, one could use their iPod to blast some MC Hammer and Grandmaster Flash as they fall dreamily off to sleep.