Sleep Tight and Quietly on the 'Jukusui-kun Pillow'

 - Nov 16, 2011
References: crave.cnet & ubergizmo
If there's one annoying thing about sharing a room with a guy, it's the snoring; this is where the Jukusui-kun Pillow comes in to help.

Even though the Jukusui-kun Pillow may take the form of a cute polar bear, its purpose is not to cuddle anyone to sleep. Instead, this is a high-tech device designed to help eliminate heavy snoring by tickling the sleeper. The built-in mic combined with the sensors will command the hand of the pillow to move based on the volume of the snore. The idea is to make the sleeper move to the side, which is a position that normally reduces snoring.

The extent to which the Jukusui-kun Pillow works is debatable, but it'll be interesting to see just how effective this is nonetheless.