The Hövding Airbag Collar is a Couture and Practical Helmet

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: fastcodesign & gizmag
Several years ago, a team of Swedish designers created the Hövding airbag collar to keep cyclists' heads protected without causing the rider to get a dreaded case of helmet hair.

The inflating dome expands out of a subtle black collar that rests around the biker's neck -- fully encasing one's noggin within a cushion in a manner that almost designates the falling rider with high-fashion status.

While the avoidance of messed-up hair and no longer having to ride around in a dorky helmet is an advantage in and of itself, Swedish insurance company Folksam has recently suggested that the dome performs better than a traditional helmet.

The company found the Hövding to perform up to three times better than conventional helmets in terms of preventing head trauma which will surely lead to the mass production and consumption of the product very soon.