Hailrazer's N64 Gameboy Advance Lets You Play Your Favorite Games on the Go

The N64 Gameboy Advance is a DIY project created by a member of Modded By Bacteria who goes by Hailrazer. Modded By Bacteria is a site where members can get together and discuss video game modifications and new perks and twists they have discovered in the video game world.

Hailrazer loved playing games on his Nintedo 64 console, but the old 64-bit gaming system is not portable. Using a Game Boy Advance, a special case and some extensive modding experience, he was able to make the N64 handheld.

The N64 Gameboy Advance features the same joystick calibrations as the N64 controller just with slightly different positions. The gaming experience is responsive and easy to play, as Hailrazer demonstrates in the video above.