AirCassette Takes Mobile Users Back to the 80s and 90s

 - Nov 10, 2011
References: aircassette & uncrate
Anyone who remembers cassette tapes (yes, those things before CDs) might feel a bit nostalgic when they see the new AirCassette application.

Having the AirCassette around is sort of like carrying the old school Sony Walkmans, only this is much thinner and of course, more high-tech. Realistically, it’s like a retrofied version of iTunes. The AirCassette allows iPhone users to add songs, set up playlists, set up a que option, share songs through Facebook and sync up to external speakers with wireless capabilities. Push play on a track and the app will reveal a retro cassette interface with the title and the artist scribbled onto it. The program even makes the plastic film on the supply reel rotate just like an actual tape.

Even though the AirCassette may not be the real deal, it’ll still bring back memories of a time before MP3s took over physical music formats.