Microsoft’s Commercial for Internet Explorer Will Induce Tears

 - Jan 27, 2013
References: youtube & huffingtonpost
If you’re reading this on Chrome, FireFox, Safari or some other browser, Microsoft has a powerful weapon to bring you back to Internet Explorer: 90s nostalgia.

The ubiquitous browser, which was launched in the 1990s, has had a bit of a PR problem compared to free and stable Internet browsers like Mozilla’s FireFox or Google’s Chrome. It’s in that spirit of rebirth and 90s nostalgia that Microsoft is hoping to bring back some of their lapsed users, claiming that "you’ve grown up, and so have we."

The commercial is a treasure trove of 90s nostalgia, referencing everything from dial-up modems, Tamagotchis, slap-bracelets, super-soakers, portable tape players, and much more. If you grew up in the 90s, this spirited ad could very well bring a tear to your eye.