From Personalized Bubble Gum Branding to Designer Song Challenges

 - Jan 29, 2012
Getting the attention of consumers is becoming harder than ever, which is why marketers are turning to contests -- in particular, creativity-based contests -- to engage their consumers and also create awareness. These creativity-based contests are a great way to market any product or brand since they not only bring attention to the campaign but create positive association by allowing a customer to exercise his or her creativity.

From filmmaking contests to those that ask customers to create their own packaging design for a newly launched product, these creativity-based contests run the gamut. Brands around the world are using them to entice and draw in both current fans and new customers, and the power of social media to allow customers to share their creations only stands to make these creativity-based contests even more effective. Check out this collection of creativity-based contests to see the different ways brands have used them in their campaigns.