The Huck #22 Edition Lets You be the Creative Director

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: huckmagazine & matdolphin
To celebrate Huck #22, which has been dubbed the 'counterculture issue,' this bi-monthly lifestyle magazine that focuses on surf, skate and snowboarding ran a special 'Destroy and Recreate Creative Brief.' With the phrase "Attention readers: you are free to subvert this magazine" in its cover, the quirky mag invited their readers to customize the cover in any way they wanted.

Huck #22 ultimately makes a statement against the idea that magazines use their covers as a sales tool by giving consumers the power to make a cover look however they want it to. The Huck #22 redesign contest had a lot of entries and here you can check some of the most creative and interesting ones out. Wouldn’t it be nice if every magazine had a customizable cover?