From Full-Figured Swimwear Spreads to Curvaceous Body Campaigns

 - May 23, 2013
Once upon a time, sizes two and under were the ideal body shape, but now, plus-size models are taking over the fashion world and making a stand. As plus-size models become more readily featured in editorials, fashion shows and ad campaigns, the conventional viewpoint that skinny is chic is quickly deteriorating to make room for healthier, more real and curvier women.

While curvaceous bodies are the most seen body type out there, it only makes sense that the fashion culture celebrates realistic voluptuous figures. From full-figured swimsuit campaigns to plus-size models featured on magazine covers and naked curvaceous editorials, celebrating glamorized curves is super sexy. Are curvy plus-size models just a fad? I doubt it -- curves are the epitome of the female body after all so I think full-figured models are here to stay.