Full Figured Fashion Show in New York Straddles Obesity & Empowerment

 - Jan 7, 2012
References: vice & vice
How to separate a celebration of obesity from the empowerment of full-bodied women is what Vice aims to understand as it covers the Full Figured Fashion show in New York. In its episode of Fashion Week Internationale, viewers get to see the first ever flesh-filled cat walk.

While there is a marvelous sense of defiance in the face of the sickly and impossibly thin images breezing down the mainstream runway, one has to ask themselves if the other extreme of being far over the healthy body mass is truly the route to female empowerment either. In fact, it was speculated by many attendees of Full Figured Fashion Week that a distinct lack of healthy voluptuous forms existed. The Vice front lady of the show Charlet, who distinctly stands out as being one of the only thin and non-American women involved, gives huge insight into an underground and overweight fashion scene of America. Whether this should be celebrated or viewed as a(nother) major flag for health watchers in the country is still up for interpretation.

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