The Marie Claire Body Issue Appreciates Every Human Form

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: marieclairvoyant & bitrebels
"Love the body you're in" is the slogan the Marie Claire Body Issue aims at conveying to all the ladies who wished they had another person's features.

This campaign designed for the Marie Claire issue has a very strong and admirable message for the women who don't appreciate natural beauty. Hence, the ad uses strong powerful images that will haunt many for quite a while. The image of an aged women at the morgue with the line "When will you stop worrying about your appearance?" makes many rethink how far they would go for enhanced beauty. There is also an image of a plus sized woman and a long chain of what people hate about themselves.

The campaign reinforces natural beauty and changes the thoughts of what makes imperfection. One look at the Marie Claire Body Issue will make many think twice before complaining about looks again.