From Self-Esteem Boosting Bags to Realistic Beachwear Advertisements

 - Nov 7, 2013
This collection of body image campaigns demonstrates the desire for beauty to be marketed in a more realistic way. In recent years the advertising and fashion industry have both come under fire for marketing an unhealthy image, especially to young women. Companies like Dove have become famous for implementing body-positive campaigns promoting 'real' beauty. Whether it is an ad campaign, a photographic series or a specific product, these various body image campaigns are all devoted to a specific view of the human body.

Many of these campaigns look at using plus size models on the fashion runway or banning models that are considered too skinny. Some are meant to raise awareness around photo retouching and the effect photoshopping and airbrushing can have in magazines, especially when it comes to celebrities. Others are extreme products meant to enhance a specific body part, or diminish it, for those who have complaints about their bodies.