The Beauty Pressure Collection Catalog by Katie Witham is Artful

Entitled 'Beauty Pressure', this conceptual clothing catalog showcases stunning fashions from designer Katie Witham. The collection of raw wool sweaters, floor-length gowns and sculptural frock elements distorts one's body shape and aims to comment on society's obsession with the achievement of flawless beauty.

Channeling knitwear masters Missoni and Julien Macdonald, this fashion-forward and unexpected clothing line examines common appearance-altering measures that are often accepted by women as a way to appear more beautiful and accepted by society's standards.

A graduate of the London Collage of Fashion "Surface Textiles" program, designer Katie Witham creates augmented body silhouettes that draw attention to various social issues that range from body building and plastic surgery to extreme diets and even obesity epidemics that are affecting the body image of the world's female population.