Hamburg Photoshop Street Art Reminds You of the Power of Photoshop

 - Jul 24, 2012
References: imnotbogusky.tumblr & fastcoexist
People see so many advertisements a day that it’s easy to forget that the faces of corporate campaigns betray the meaning of natural beauty—Hamburg Photoshop street art strives to remind everyone of the illusion print ads present.

A street artist in Germany went around Hamburg to slap huge ‘Photoshop’ toolbar posters onto equally-as-brazen posters of bronzed, toned and stately women. Meant to be an in-your-face reminder of why our perception of body image is so skewed, this street artist’s work is an example of how unsponsored art is, at times, so much more beautiful and meaningful than the corporate paraphernalia plastered around our cities.

It is sometimes the work of anonymous guerrilla artists like this that can better (as opposed to vandalize) a street's appearance.