The Ahlens Mannequins Markets a Healthier Ideal for Beauty

 - Mar 30, 2013
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There are those that feel mannequins are like any other form of advertisements, fake and glorified, but that cannot be said about the Ahlens mannequins. Inspired by real women and real sizes, the average of which is size 14, shoppers might very well mistake them for an actual person when perusing the department store. At first, the Ahlens mannequins were considered a hoax when someone mistook them for belonging to fellow Swedish retailer H&M.

A small but significant victory for when it comes to ideals concerning beauty, the Ahlens mannequins could very well herald a more tangent change. If enough big brands fall behind this Ahlens mannequins movement, more and more women might begin to feel increasingly comfortable with their own natural bodies.