From Simulated Shop Assistants to Pop-Up Beauty Boutiques

 - Aug 28, 2014
Simulated shop assistants, virtual fitting rooms and interactive window displays are just some of the department store innovations that are changing the way we look at retail.

These non-traditional examples utilize modern technology to sell a product and range from art installations to sophisticated mannequin machines that are making futuristic shopping experiences a reality rather than a mere dream.

Memorable examples from this list include movement-mimicking mannequins that were introduced by fashion retailer United Arrows. Named 'Marionettebots', these robotic mannequins were programmed to replicate human movement and created and interactive experience for surprised shoppers.

Another favorite from this list of department store innovations is the Selfridges' luxury fashion drive-through. The London retailer allowed its consumers to make their orders via iPad or pre-order items online without having to deal with the stresses of in-store shopping. Once inside the drive-through, one's orders were bagged, processed and given to shoppers inside their vehicle, a process that is a popular practice in most fast food locales.