The Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Window is an Interactive Experience

This year, the Saks Fifth Avenue holiday window stars an arctic, but unusual character for Christmas — a yeti. The festive decorations were unveiled on November 25 with a dramatic light show and a projection of the adorable yeti on the face of the building put together by Iris Worldwide.

The shop windows at Saks have been set up like storybooks, complete with a few lines of text and a matching vignette that tells the story of the yeti on his journey from becoming an unappreciated Siberian snowmaker to a renowned snowflake artist in The Big Apple.

In addition to the festive light show and holiday windows, Saks also tells the story of the yeti in a mobile app. One of the most unique parts of the display is that by visiting Saks’ website, people can generate their own yeti and create a snowflake to add to a digital display to keep the snow falling during the shopping season.