- Jul 9, 2015
When there's a fun activity at an interactive pop-up shop, most people can't help but share what they are doing with friends and followers on social media.

Beyond just creating a hashtag to accompany pop-up shops, many brands are going out of their way to create specific campaigns or stations that revolve around platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. When Tanger Outlets opened a new permanent retail location, a number of social media pop-up stations were created to engage young shoppers.

Knowing that much of the Millennial generation is richer in social currency than actual money, OnePiece and ooVoo both set up shops that gave visitors special discounts based on social influence. As a more accessible option for all social media users, many other pop-up shops, cafes and restaurants simply ask that people trade a Tweet or Instagram post in order to "purchase" a product.

These Interactive Pop-Up Locations Drive Engagement with Social Media: