From Smart Retail Mannequins to Hand-Inked Mannequins

 - Jul 9, 2015
Whether used to inform shopping decisions, help consumers identify with a product or simply attract attention, these modern mannequin model displays succeed at more than just displaying a product.

As an essential part of the visual strategy for many retailers, mannequins are being updated with technology to drive engagement. Using beacon technology, several retailers are equipping mannequins with smart sales tools that are able to call out to shoppers via push notifications as they pass by. United Arrows took this idea a step further with its 'Marionettebots,' which were able to mimic the body language of shoppers on the street.

Beyond just serving as life-like hangers for fashion garments, many retailers are using mannequins in order to address important societal issues like plus-size body positivity, social media addiction, domestic abuse and disability.