The Fitle 3D Avatar Tries On Clothes When You're Shopping Online

 - Jul 30, 2014
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Buying clothes online can be a risky activity, as you never quite know if the clothes you're buying will fit you the way you want them to; this is where Fitle comes in. This new service aims to provide users with a 3D avatar of themselves which can 'try on' clothes found in online stores.

Fitle claims that its 3D avatars don't just look like their flesh-and-blood counterparts, but are morphologically exact replications that are a 99% accurate representation of the user.

Avatars are made using four photos of the user, their height measurements and complex algorithms to create a photo-realistic 3D reconstruction of the user. Recognition and reconstruction algorithms are also used to digitize clothing and create accurate 3D versions of clothes. This way, users can be confident that the clothes they are buying will fit them just like they do their avatars.