From Wristband Selfie Sticks to Elegant Selfie Cameras

 - Mar 30, 2015
The selfie as we know it in its modern, tech-savvy form may not have been around for very long but there has already been a lot of innovation and evolution surrounding selfie-focused gadgets. The selfie stick for one is becoming increasingly ubiquitous, but some manufacturers are already moving away from the 'stick' element and coming up with wearable selfie apparatuses that are more fashionable and less annoying to carry around.

In addition to products that help you take better selfies with your phone and camera, there is now an expanding market for phones and cameras specifically designed to help you take better quality selfies. Whereas phones with front and rear cameras tended to have lower quality frontal cameras, this is no longer the case due to the importance people place on their selfies. Moreover, whereas photo-editing software once took a long time to use, there are now easy selfie-sprucing software options for people who want to make themselves look perfect but don't have the technical ability to use something like Photoshop.

Now there's actually more to selfies than simply putting forward the best possible photo of yourself on Instagram and Facebook to attract attention. There are a number of other interesting functions that can be derived from selfies, as best exemplified by the ThirdLove app, which lets you take selfies of your bust to figure out your bra size.

With such a plethora of selfie-focused electronics, gadgets and apps out there, there's no reason for you to not put forward your best version of yourself.