JC Penny's Retail Display Mannequins Reflect Diverse Body Types

 - Jul 24, 2014
References: gizmodiva & psfk
Instead of choosing to go to opposite ends of the spectrum with either super skinny or plus-sized retail display mannequins, a new window display at JC Penny features a range of different body types.

The shapes of mannequins can be elongated or abstracted to the point of looking almost inhuman, which makes them great for displaying clothes, but less useful representations of how a garment will actually fit and we've all been deceived or disappointed by this at some point when shopping. The new JC Penny mannequins were inspired by five different real people, including a man with dwarfism, a woman in a wheelchair, a tall female basketball player, an amputee and a plus-sized mom. The mannequins are part of the 'When it Fits, You Feel it' campaign.