From Transgender Underwear to Sustainably Sourced Skivvies

 - Nov 5, 2015
These alternative lingerie lines give women more choice when it comes to choosing the right undergarments. In recent years, women have begun demanding higher-quality lingerie that fits a wide variety of body types. Many companies have emerged to meet this demand and provide women with underwear that meets their needs.

One of the biggest changes in the lingerie industry has been an attempt to accommodate different body types. Several brands have sought to cater to different body types by designing garments for those who cannot purchase standard sizes. For example, there are companies producing ultra-supportive bras for busty women, as well as brands who specialize in making undergarments for women who are on the smaller side.

In addition to offering a greater range of sizes, underwear brands have also sought to cater to consumers who are largely ignored by mainstream retailers. These alternative lingerie lines feature products that are not offered at regular stores. Some of these alternative garments include gender-neutral underwear, mastectomy bras and skin-matching undergarments.