Dear Kate Recently Launched a Highly Controversial Ad Featuring Bare Women

 - Sep 10, 2014
References: time & buzzfeed
The clothing brand Dear Kate has launched a series of Corporate Lingerie Ads featuring female tech founders and CEOs. These Corporate Lingerie Ads have garnered a lot of controversy.

Dear Kate has always been a pioneer in campaigning its products through innovative advertising, which helps make women feel more positively about their respective bodies. However, the latest Corporate Lingerie Ads have been subject to feminist debates on female body image.

Some say that the Corporate Lingerie Ads are just another way women are looked at through the male gaze.

Elissa Shevinsky, CEO of the startup Glimpse Labs and author of the article 'That’s It—I’m Finished Defending Sexism in Tech' commented, "Posing in your underwear undermines the message that you aim to be taken seriously as a technologist."

The other side is looking at "the glass half full" and is supporting the Corporate Lingerie Ads campaign since ..."it emphasizes the femininity of strong women, without negating that strength"