From Empowering Girl Campaigns to Realistic Teen Dolls

 - Dec 3, 2015
A young girl's teenage years are great for exploring popular fashion and teen beauty products, but they're also crucial for developing a strong sense of confidence in one's individuality. In recognition of this, several brands have stepped up to inspire and empower the next generation of women.

After Aerie launched the #AerieReal campaign, which involved zero retouching of models, several beauty brands and retailers followed suit, encouraging young girls to be at peace with themselves just the way they are.

In recent years, the fashion and beauty industries as a whole have made huge strides in celebrating both women and young teens of all shapes and sizes. Some of the most inclusive campaigns include Avon's 'Beauty with a Purpose,' which champions brand ambassadors and employees of all ages, as well as a reflective cover recently used for Elle Australia magazine that encourages all women to see themselves as models.