From Emoji Analysis Campaigns to Empowering Footwear Ads

 - Dec 3, 2015
These marketing campaigns for teen fashion range from print ads to comical commercials and social media stunts with a focus on influencers and role models who young women can identify with.

Beyond being named the Billboard Woman of the Year twice and being known as one of the most powerful women in music, Taylor Swift has appeared in a number of ads for Keds that encourage young women to become icons themselves.

Ahead of the launch of her NEO line with adidas, Selena Gomez launched an online scavenger hunt that had fans virtually exploring the Internet to discover sneak peeks.

As teens begin to come into their own, they put a heavy emphasis on self-expression, especially through the purchase of clothes and beauty products. Fashion brands that resonate with this consumer demographic understand their desire for authenticity, individuality, empowerment and connectivity.