The REIF Basiks Collection is Full of Contemporary Sensuality

 - Sep 5, 2014
References: reif-haus & coolhunting
The minimal lingerie that makes up REIF's new line is something every modern woman will appreciate. Although undergarments have stepped away from the restricting retro get-ups that happen to make such shows as 'Mad Men' so special, they are still arguably more complicated than they need to be. Not so anymore thanks to this collection of minimal lingerie.

Forgoing wires, patterns and bright colors, the minimal lingerie does its job in a way that is both functional and fashionable. Designed by self-taught Lindsay Reif, who is known for her turbans and headbands, line, which is dubbed Basiks, is comprised of simple bras, underwear, lounge pants and more. They all follow a blush and black colorway.