From $2 Million Bedazzled Bras to Wireless Delicate Lingerie

 - Dec 2, 2015
Give the gift of something sexy and choose one of these lingerie gifts for the person on your naughty list. From collections riddled with lacy details, these pieces are sure to heat things up during the colder months.

While the Bluestockings Boutique offers lingerie for the transgender and non-binary community, the Nubian Skin collection features nude undergarments for women of color. Bank-breaking statement bras are also included within this category of lingerie gifts, such as the $2 million dollar Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra riddled with gold, blue topaz and yellow sapphire. However, a more budget-friendly innovation may be Valentine NYC's wireless lace bra or Agent Provocateur's glitzy chain-link bikini top.

These lingerie gifts also include kitschy undergarments such as the Disney Princess lingerie set and KnickerRocker's cupcake panties.