This Online Lingerie Line's Designs Aren't Sequined or Feathered

Negative Underwear is an online lingerie boutique that believes that women's underwear should be designed with women's comfort in mind.

The unique lingerie line doesn't sacrifice style, but it takes into account the needs of a diverse range of women, from breastfeeding mothers to young, cost-conscious millennials. That means that you won't find any disco ball-inspired, ruffle-covered items in the online lingerie collection, but you will find bras that don't have underwires and cute briefs that provide a comfortable amount of coverage.

Negative Underwear is the latest in a range of online lingerie companies that aim to offer an alternative to the glitz and glam of Victoria's Secret. They offer a more grown-up, less stereotypical view of femininity and attractiveness in style, as well as a greater variety of options and a more private shopping experience.