All is Fair Makes Binders, Tuckers & Packers for People in Transition

 - Oct 15, 2015
References: kickstarter & fastcodesign
With brands like Target moving to gender-neutral stores and an increase in gender-neutral fashion lines this year, 'All is Fair' is joining the movement with its transgender underwear. The undergarment line was inspired by the designer and lingerie store owner's friend who was transitioning from female to male. He was wearing an uncomfortable and low-quality binder to flatten out his chest and wanted someone to improve upon it.

Peregrine Honig was inspired to create a line to help people in transition feel more comfortable. With garments like tuckers that create a more feminine shape and packers that create one that is more masculine, the designer made her pieces using high quality fabric like high-compression Lycra. Though it is not the only transgender underwear line on the market, All is Fair pushes the fashion industry to have a greater understanding of the fluidity of gender.