From Color-Swapped Brand Logos to Storytelling Beer Labels

 - Sep 30, 2015
Some of the most circulated September 2015 branding news includes the launch of new products and redesigns from big brands like McDonald's, Jif Peanut Butter and General Mills. In the spirit of this playful attitude large companies are adopting, smaller brands are following suit with equally experimental ideas.

Beyond packaging being a means to contain a product, it is being used as a tool for storytelling and interacting with consumers. One of the most fun examples of this is the summer designs for Yakult's drinks—once the outer layer of plastic has been removed, the branded bottle appears to be wearing a bathing suit.

In order to reiterate the importance of color in some of the most well-known logos, designer Paula Rúpolo and Designmantic separately created projects that explore how a simple color change can completely change the way a brand is perceived.