This Photo Series Takes 'Gold Edition' Marketing to the Extreme

What if 'Gold Edition' items were literally made of gold? That's the concept behind the new photo series 'GoldRush' by Slovenian designer Crtomir Just.

The artist created 3D versions of Gold Edition items in their most literal form. A Magnum Gold popsicle drips molten metal. A Marlboro gold cigarette exhales a cloud of solid gold smoke. The finishing touch on the series is a Gold Edition credit card, branded with the name of the artist and series. Just used this credit card as the invitation to the exhibition. The final product is a series of photographs even more opulent than the Gold Edition items they represent.

The concept of a 'Gold Edition' product is a classic tool in marketing. In 'GoldRush,' the artist takes this concept to its ultimate conclusion: beautiful items made of actual gold.