From Floating Champagne Bars to Couture Playing Cards

 - Sep 30, 2015
With summer slowly coming to a close, kids ready to go back to school and adults prepared to buckle down once again post-vacation, the top September 2015 luxury ideas put an emphasis on jet-setting to inspire the next getaway.

Some of the most extravagant travel concepts include gold-plated scooters, bicycles with sidecar-style attachments and motorsport resorts specifically designed for tourism and leisure. Since organizing flights, hotels and activities can be an extremely stressful task, the St Heliers House of Travel is one-upping travel planning by arranging at-home consultations with travel agents. Although this might seem extravagant, the agency found that ordinary people are simply willing to pay a premium if it means they will be more comfortable as a result.

Brands are also throwing luxury events like whiskey tastings, upscale backyard parties and pop-up shops to drive change and celebration.