This Rolls Royce Was Specially Designed for Singapore's Golden Jubilee

For the first time ever, Rolls Royce customized a car to celebrate a city's anniversary and it was for Singapore's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

The young city turns 50 this year, and Rolls Royce created this Singapore Golden Jubilee Ghost Series II to mark the occasion. The bespoke luxury car features a number of special touches. The interior color palate is in sumptuous English White and Consort Red. The coachline displays a motif of merlions, the traditional heraldry symbols which are half-lion, half-mermaid creatures and have become the mascot of Singapore. Merlions are also stitched into the headrests. The embroidery apparently took over 15,000 individual stitches to complete. The treadplates are decorated with an image of Singapore's sky line.

The highly unique Rolls Royce created for Singapore's Golden Jubilee was sold to an undisclosed collector for an undisclosed price -- but since the baseline price for a Ghost Series II is $1.25 million, it was definitely an impressive price.