From Luxe Gold-Plated Scooters to Sporty German Coupes

 - Sep 30, 2015
The top September 2015 autos trends include innovative safety features, one-of-a-kind anniversary models and a handful of buzzworthy scooters likely recognizable from the Instagram page of Justin Bieber.

The 'Slow Down GPS' system is an ingenious tool that switches the voice of a car's GPS system to that of a child's voice when the car travels through a school zone. The tool will make it easy for driver's to notice as soon as they have entered a zone that requires extra caution in driving.

Separately, Rolls Royce announced a custom Ghost Series II automobile in order to celebrate Singapore's Golden Jubilee. It's the first time Rolls Royce has ever released a custom car and is expected to retail for over $1 million.

The top September 2015 autos trends point to several progressions within the wide-spanning industry.