This High-Tech Windshield Includes Augmented Reality Features

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: washingtonpost & psfk
According to recent reports, Apple is working on a new windshield design that would include a virtual display and augmented reality features. As technology advances, vehicles have received a number of high-tech upgrades. This revolutionary windshield design could help to keep drivers safer on the road.

Apple's new design reportedly consists of a digital display that will span between 27 and 50 inches across. The device will use sensors and voice recognition technology to convert driver commands into different functions. The display will be synced with the vehicle's on-board computer in order to show everything from fuel consumption to speed limit warnings. The addition of augmented reality features will also allow drivers to visualize map data, messages or the speedometer. These features help drivers keep their eyes on the road thereby prevent auto accidents.

While there is no word on when this kind of digital windshield will hit the market, the device is sure to revolutionizes the way we drive.