Ford's Living Room on Wheels Lets You Lounge in Your Self-Driving Car

Ford has patented a car that can transform into a luxe living space, essentially creating a modular lounge car concept. The more impressive part is that car owners will be able to lounge in the back of their vehicle as it drives itself. The seats in this car will be re-configurable and will allow owners to change the layout of their interior. When the car is used in "autonomous" mode, owners will be free to lounge around while on the go.

The most common layout would be to transform the car into a more conversational setting -- with seats facing each other. Another transformation allows a set of seats to fold, creating an ottoman for comfortable seating and a maximized space.

Following in the footsteps of Google and Audi -- who have done extensive prototyping and testing in recent months -- Ford has entered the self-driving car market with its own innovative concept.